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Exit strategy

Planning your exit is arguably more important than the stratagy used to establish your business. Many factors, not least your wishes and needs, have to be taken into consideration and each year that you get closer to your exit the shorter the time to make your plans.


We understand the potential emotional issues your decisions could have. Whether this exit involves business partners, shareholders, family members or even long term employees, we can structure the best possible exit route for you.


There is no simple formula, your company is unique and needs to be positioned to ensure the very best exit strategy. This is where our team of professional accountants, tax advisers and management consultants combine to assist in minimising both your company and personal tax liabilities as well as ensuring you meet your own timings and requirements.


If you are not ready to completely release the reins yet, we can assist you in establishing specific processes to operate your company remotely or with reduced time commitment and to release funds tax efficiently to your investors or yourself. We also specialise in planning stage by stage withdrawals or simply ensure that your business is in the best financial position possible to either sell or transfer to whomever you want on your terms and at your pace.


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