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HR Solutions

Due to the ever increasing complexities of employment legislation and the myriad of expensive one size (doesn’t) fit all so called solutions, we have developed a robust service which enables you to benefit from our economies of scale, but which is flexible enough to address your specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of employing your own HR personnel. We have the solution for you.


As employers ourselves, we know how frustrating and time consuming the most minor HR question can be. We ensure that you will have the answer immediately at your finger tips or access to our specialist service at a fraction of the cost which many other providers offer.


Our clients range from employers of student/part time seasonal contact workers to the more traditional 9-5 office employees with more predictable work load and requirements.


You can opt for one of our packages or take ad hoc advice whenever you need it.


Our packages include


  • An initial review of your current employment documents

  • Access to HR Document Library which includes:

    • Company handbook

    • Contracts of employment

    • Employment policies

  • Our quarterly newsletter to update you on key employment matters and changes to the law

  • Telephone / email support

  • Production of letters and documents

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